Finalizing the "Dossier de Mariage"

The dossier de mariage comprises all files we are to send to my Town Hall in France for our civil wedding. We’ve been preparing it since December, following what we found out in September (Procedures, procedures…). I am actually surprised by its relatively thin size compared to the length it took us to get all the information and documents in order. Olivier is to help us ship the document to France this Friday (thank so much !) – so let’s do a quick check-up:


  • Birth Certificate Jacques
  • Passport copy Jacques
  • Celibacy Certificate Jacques
  • A proof of domiciliation & residence


  • A Visa valid more than 3 months
  • Birth Certificate Mona & its embassy certified translation
  • Passport copy Mona
  • Celibacy Certificate Mona & its embassy certified translation
  • A certificate of customs (thankfully we don’t need it)

Both of us

  • Witness list and their contacts
  • Prenup to be prepared by our notaire with jurisdiction in The Hague

Out of all that, we only need to revise the witness list to add Marion as Mona’s witness and finalize the prenup with our notaire (Maitre Dupont). This last part can be submitted once in France in June.

Looks like everything is in order. I’m just going to check again tonight with Olivier (we both are becoming experts) and Mona… Let’s cross fingers !