Wedding Agenda

Mona just drafted a wonderful email  summarizing our wedding agenda. I thought it would be a great idea to add it here. I’ll do my best to prepare a translated version soon

June 20 onward

  • We are flying off June 19 to France to finish preparing for the wedding. We have roaming so can always be accessed via cellphone. Don’t hesitate to shoot an email – France enjoys one of the best connectivity in the World !

July 5th

  • Mona’s night – for whoever is around -no accomodation planned (i.e. need to book hotel if you want)

July 11

  • There is nothing planned for Friday July 11 so free & easy for all

July 12
There will be two parallel plans:

  1. *For family and brides/grooms people *(you know who you are)
    Civil ceremony late morning, Lunch, Religious ceremony early afternoon
  2. Everyone else
    – Choice of free & easy day
    – Or taking an early afternoon (2:30PM) tour of Lille, courtesy of Jacques’ lovely sister and possibly Ye Jhen. The tour should finish around 4:30 to give you sufficient time to pamper yourself for the wedding

The Big Night – 7pm onward

  • Transport is being planned; there will be some sort of transport to take everyone to the fiesta!
  • The pick-up spot is in “La Place du Lion D’Or”, 1 minute walk from La Treille Hotel (where many of you are staying).
  • The party should finish around 3AM – and we will do our best to get charitable souls to get you back to your hotel – worst case scenario we will have many taxi numbers.

July 13

  • Jacques’ family will be hosting a “rebond” (lunch for those who come from far) at their house.
  • For those who will still be around, please confirm so we can arrange appropriately or no wine for you (French can survive without food – not without wine :-))

July 14

  • Mona, Jacques, and Ahmad family are off to Paris to watch the 14th of July celebration on the Champs Elysees.

July 15

  • Mona, Jacques, and Ahmad family are flying off to Malaysia.

Travel details

  • There is a direct train from Paris (Charles De Gaulle airport) to Lille.
  • La Treille Hotel is Jacques’ family hotel recommendation.  It is 10 to 15 minutes walk from the train station (there is a bus going there straight)
  • For those who are arriving early and want to hang out in Paris on a tight budget, we recommend the Tiquetonne (affordable and conveniently located)

Next steps

  • For those who are still a “maybe” let us know ASAP
  • Need to know who is able to come early and if so what day
  • Need to know who is able to come to the July 13 lunch

Should you have any question, doubt, inquiry, demand, interrogation, problem or proposition, PLEASE, do contact us !