What to do in Lille while waiting for the Big Night?

Lille is a very vibrant city with a lot of history. As I’m sure most of you won’t have much time to go around and discover all its hidden secrets we are going to keep this simple and straight forward. The easiest way to discover Lille is to do a short city trip across its very nice city centre – great for sight seeing and shopping – everybody’s happy ! Most of the sights can be combined in a walking tour, and we will take advantage of this on Saturday afternoon with a Tour Guide provided by Claire & Ezan !

Must see

  • La Vieille Bourse (1653). Is a very nice piece of architecture. It is a former commercial exchange place, and you still may find booksellers and flower markets in its inner court.
  • The “Grand’place”, also konwn as Place du Général-de-Gaulle, has many lovely historic houses, and is a great example of Flamish Style architecture. Its fountaine with the statue of a goddess, “la Grande Déesse” (1843 is a Landmark – where we go celebrate after France win a World or European cup
  • Place Rihour, surrounded by restaurants, houses the tourist information centre inside its main attraction, the Palais Rihour (1453).
  • The town hall is worth a look and can be combined nicely with a visit to the Porte de Paris (1692).
  • The Vieux Lille comprises quiet, cobble-stone streets, with lot of stylish designer shops and gourmet restaurants. The two most notable streets are the Rue de la Monnaie and Rue Esquermoise – The La Treille Hotel is located in the vincinity
  • A bit farther from the city centre is la Citadelle. It is a great place for a walk, and you may cross many runners in the morning. It also is an interesting example of defensive military architecture, built by Vauban, a famous French military architect, under the reign of Louis XIV. For animal lovers there also is a Free Zoo next to the Citadelle – with my man Alfie the Rhino

Museums – For Art Lovers

  • Musée des Beaux-Arts, a famed museum covering European art from 16th – 20th century.
  • Musée de l’Hospice Comtesse, a former hospital now presenting art from a rather alternative angle.
  • La PiscineMusée d’Art et d’ Industrie de Roubaix, a 20th century art museum hosted in a beautiful “Art déco” (start of 20th century) former swimming pool.
  • Museum of Natural History, a large collection of stuffed mammals, insects, fossils, etc.

Hope this little teaser will help you organize your trip, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me should you have any question.

See ya all very soon !